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Xmas Special: Cows are the future of Virtual Reality

According to BBC, Cows are the future of Virtual Reality. Cows are producing more milk and also a better quality of milk. This is a good news to the people who loves dairy products.

Moscow, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food has announced that a farm in the city’s Ramensky District where a VR headset was strapped on a cow to test whether they produce more milk. As a result, the test results were positive. The VR headset displayed a summer field tricking the animals into thinking that it’s a different season.

Dairy Farmers will be able to ensure the milk they provide is free of antibiotics and full of nutrients and comfort. It will be much easier for them to sample, test and trace milk to improve the quality even more and make sure that the milk dont contain antibiotics. When the milk tests positive for antibiotics, then the whole truckload carrying the milk is discarded before hitting the store shelves.


Cows are the future of virtual reality