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Volvo Test Drive

Volvo is using Google’s Virtual Reality project Google Cardboard to let people take a virtual test drive in its XC90 model at the Los Angeles auto show. Potential car buyers can download a Volvo Reality app and insert their smartphone into the Google Cardboard “headset,” whereupon they’ll be immersed in a stunning landscape, the interior of the car and the road itself.

Themed around a weekend escape, the test-drive experience begins in an open field, heads high up into the mountains, and culminates in a look at a star-filled sky. It was filmed in Vancouver by VFX and The Virtual Reality specialists Framestore. Digital agency R/GA came up with the Volvo Reality concept and led design, technical development and implementation. See how it was all done in this Behind The Scenes film.

Users are able to look in any direction as if they are really inside the car, even though it’s not physically there. The immersive experience uses the low-cost Virtual Reality platform Google Cardboard, helping it reach more people.

Get the Volvo Reality app and immerse yourself in a breathtaking mountain drive in the all-new XC90, the most intuitive Volvo ever designed.  Volvo launched the first ever SUV electric cars this year called XC40 which is a complete electrified carline of plug-in hybrids.

Video Credit- Transport Evolved