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Social Distancing Can Lead To More New Businesses

Industries and individuals need to adjust their routines to combat the global crisis and maintain their distance from others and also their sanity. King street in Canada will be closed every Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm until the end of October. The main reason is to provide additional space to the general public so that social distancing is practiced. This can offer safe and enjoyable shopping experiences to the customers as a result many businesses will open in that area.

Many businesses in the downtown area are working very hard to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their customers. This closure will provide additional space to the customers and opening the streets to the pedestrians, customers can feel more confident returning to their favorite businesses by shopping outdoors. People will be able to easily distance from others.
Entrepreneurs decided to shift their business models in which they would resonate.

The devastation, anxiety, and uncertainty that Covid-19 has forced upon the restaurant and travel industry. Many restaurants have to be innovative by making several day-to-day changes like offering online ordering with windows and curbside pickups. Many people can request a space in front of the vacant or closed store so that more and more side-street businesses can be involved.

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