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How AR and VR Startups Are Helping us Work Remotely

People have to stay home during this pandemic to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Most of their time is spent focusing on digital work. Tech giants such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams greatly profiting from the sudden urges to digitize every step of the collective workflow that includes important meetings.
Communications has been advancing every year and it is needed more than ever with high-speed reliable internet. Many industries such as Manufacturing, real estate, health facilities, higher education institutions including several businesses are turning to AR, VR, and 3D to improve their improvised home-office arrangement.

The startups that are helping people around the world to stay connected in this pandemic are Glue, Scotty, Proximie, ENGAGE, and Mindesk.
These startups are helping people who live thousands of miles away from their physical real setting collaborate effectively. They are making AR software products that keep the business running as well as the plants to carry effective maintenance and the operations.

Scotty is an Italian SaaS startup enhancing workers’ on-site performance with Augmented reality-powered real-time video communications and contextual data holograms. Many doctors are interacting with their patients as well as their front line colleagues who are remotely isolated. Many architecture firms and educational institutions are saving a sizable amount of time in editing projects in real-time.

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Video Credit- Financierpro