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Honda Focuses On Green Technology To Stop Climate Crisis

Automakers can help the environment by improving fuel efficiency or develop alternatives to gasoline for their automobiles. It is important to reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change which is why the Japanese automaker Honda is focusing more on Green Technology. The US Honda and Acura dealers are involved with the “Green Dealers” program to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles.

We know that building, designing, delivering and selling a car creates a negative impact on the environment. Green Dealers Program is designed to reduce and eliminate the use of substances of concerns and scare natural resources for the scare of the vehicles. The green dealer program includes designing for a sustainable future, manufacturing cars that create less impact on automobiles and smarter shipping.

A set of best practices has been developed by Honda that helps dealers to reduce their energy and water use measurably. The main goal for the leadership program of Honda Environment Leadership program to help the dealers reduce CO2 emissions to zero.

Honda Canada launched the Green Dealer Recognition program on August 28th this year. Honda’s goal with the program for the year 2025 is to achieve $2.18 million in energy reduction savings and store 16500 metric tons of carbon per year. The carbon captured will protect thousands of acres of forest per year and offset of 68.6 million kilometers driven by the Honda vehicles annually.

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