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Carbon Removal Technology Can Stop The Climate Change


Tech Startups need to come up with a carbon capture technology to fight climate and remove emissions that are already in the air. The swiss company Climeworks and Global Thermostat’s commercial plant in Huntsville, Alabama are cutting edge technology that can be a pivotal piece of the larger solution for the climate crisis.


Startups need to take a different approach and invest in geothermal engineering to open a commercial plant to suck CO2 out of the air inorder to fight climate change. Climeworks are using modular shipping container-sized devices with fans that pull air into the sponge like filters that capture CO2 through a chemical reaction and then it is heated to release a pure stream of gas into the tanks. Each shipping container captures 50 tons of CO2 and the containers can be added to create a larger plant.

Global Thermostat

Global thermostat opened its plant in Alabama in 2018 designed a variation on the process that makes it possible to release the CO2 with far less heat and save energy. The equipment with giant fans can 4000 tons of CO2 which is equivalent to the pollution emitted by 870 cars. This startup is helping to avoid the worst impact of climate change by making carbon neutral products with the captured gas.

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