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2 Ways To Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Staying at home is boring, however it is very important to protect ourselves and others from the spread of the virus. The benefit of staying at home is that it is bringing people closer to their families more than ever and it is reducing the pollution that is causing the global warming. People are finding ways to work from home, there are two technologies that can help us to stop the spread of coronavirus.

High Tech Surveillance

High tech surveillance that includes home security outdoor cameras tracks people with high fever and flu by identifying facial recognition systems with thermal-imaging capabilities.  These high sensors will detect unusual sounds or any form of human movement and then transcribing it to an app. Apps are collecting personal information to monitor subway, bus and taxi passengers. High tech surveillance can be a powerful data analysis systems that are sifting through people’s movement on buses, planes or any other public transport or public places to warn them if they are close to someone with a virus.


This is an unmanned aerial vehicle without a human pilot. It can be used to spray the disinfectant into the air to stop the virus and broadcast warnings to the people in public places without a mask or gloves.

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