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Trend Business, Technology (TrendBT) is an online platform for writers to express and share their passion for business and technology, particularly Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) marketing as well as unique product offerings. In addition, our contributors join together to raise awareness on combating the current trend in climate change across the world and leave it a better place than we found it. Take a look around. We hope you enjoy the experience!

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AR and VR experiences create opportunities for marketing and only 8% of the brands are advertising in VR. 64% of the users named, “shopping” as the reason they were interested in VR. AR is proving its effectiveness as a shopping tool from furniture to cars. Adobe is experimenting with interactive mid-rolls VR ads and branded VR content are used in films which has proven to be successful. VR is where smartphones were 10 years ago and as the technology advances so will marketing opportunities.

AR and VR are growing and creating hand-in- hand to create mixed-reality experiences for consumers by creating immersive personalized content. VR and AR are expected to impact the marketing industry by

  • Being the early adopters of retail and travel brands
  • VR can be the vehicle for storytelling and mind-blowing experiences
  • The emotional engagement between the product and the consumer will increase
  • Brands can leverage virtual reality to engage with customers in order to explore and test new business models.
  • Many brands have considered using AR after the success of Pokémon Go
  • Many brands have been exploring technology such as VR and AR to offer utility and personalization.
  • Mobile devices with AR and VR features offers great insight about how, when and where consumers can engage with campaigns, branded collateral and products.
  • New insight tools for product development, communications and research.

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